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Before the invention of the highly protected armored cars, carrying invaluable items and currency was done through a very discreet procedure with a person dressed up like a regular courier delivery guy and travelling through the normal transit even though being armed. Another way of moving high volumes of currency and important protected documents was through the use of armed forces. If you were a highly influential political figure or a high profile celebrity, you would be given personal armed protection d multiple cars would go around with you. The main issues with these two ways of securely transporting valuable items were that security could still be breached easily.

With a normal person carrying courier like a layman, any person with this info would try to mob that single guy. Another drawback is the quantity of goods transported at each time. You cannot rely on a single to person to transport large volumes of valuable goods. Neither could you fully rely on the armed forces to protect the high profile figure because a larger force could easily over the security. With more and more advancement in weapons, the need for armored protection increased. With the success of military armored cars, more and more companies began designing and reinventing to make armored car and trucks.

The first attempt to make any commercial armored trucks came after the world war when the military armored cars were a big combat success in World War 1. Due to the increase in violent robberies of pay checks and messengers carrying deposits, the demand for armored and bullet proof cars increased. More and more companies started using more lightweight alloys of steel to for the basic design and construction to increase efficiency. With modern innovations, all companies now track each armored car with the help of GPS system to ensure the truck/car is safe and the person or the valuable items are transported safely and securely.  armored car

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Hiring a luxurious limousine is likely to create a fun and enjoyable experience that is often able to leave some very happy memories. A professional and courteous chauffeur, with one of the latest model limos and competitive pricing is likely to go a long way to making certain a special occasion runs more smoothly.

Here are several tips to make certain you get the most value for your money when using a limousine service:

Planning the party ahead of time

A key aspect to having a more enjoyable limousine experience is to make the preparations in good time. Planning at an early stage means you are more likely to be able to reserve the type of vehicle you really want to hire, which should mean you aren’t left feeling like you had to make do with an alternative choice. It is especially important to book early if you are likely to require a limousine in one of the busy times, such as the beginning of the summer for the very busy school prom period. If able to book early you are more likely to get the limousine you most desire, which should make sure you aren’t left disappointed.

Matching the limousine to the number of passengers

In researching the available choices of vehicles available when it comes to hiring a limousine you will likely notice that there are a wide range of models in a variety of sizes and seat configurations. For example, a regular saloon length vehicle might well be designed and licensed to accept a maximum of 4 passengers, but a more spacious vehicle, such as a stretched Hummer might well be able to accept up to 14 passengers per journey. In the planning stages make certain that sufficient space is available in the limo for everyone in the party.

Being clear with the travel details

In the process of getting the estimates for hiring the limousine service you want to make certain that you are clear with each aspect of the travel details. If you are likely to require a variety of pick-up and drop-off points this is likely to have an impact on the rates charged by the limousine company when making the booking. If you are able to congregate the entire group and have the guests picked up at one location this is likely to result in a more attractively priced rate for the hire

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